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Ray Prempeh-Boakye

“Jeremy supported me through my leadership development journey course. He was on hand to clearly explain things and help me understand what was required. He gave me guidance on writing assignments and assistance with the sources of information I could use.

His organised and holistic approach kept me on track and ensured that I passed.”

Maame Osew

“Jeremy helped me launch my business, The Learning Pod, online so I could tutor my students on Teams and Zoom. Jeremy set me off in the right direction with what I thought would be a contingency plan until things opened up again. But it’s turned it into a thriving business.”

Gilberto Palma

“Jeremy has helped me to take my personal training fitness business online. This has helped me tremendously. I’ve been able to reach new audiences to deliver my fitness training online. Jeremy has also been supporting me with a business plan to open a new gym locally.”

Bola Ademuyiwa

“I first met Jeremy in 2018 as we became colleagues at the same further education college.

Jeremey is an inspirational coach who gave me confidence and encouraged me to push forward with my career.

He taught me how to be an effective coach and helped me develop strategies to become an effective teacher and work effectively with students.

With Jeremy’s support, I have been able to progress in my career. If you are looking to better yourself and aiming for higher-level, better-paid roles, I would recommend that you make contact with Jeremy because he will be able to help you achieve those goals.”

Jennifer Spindley

“Jeremy’s knowledge and expertise came into play straight away as he explained how to go about researching the viability of my idea – Sheldon’s Wine Bar. He also advised and helped me understand the intricacies of funding and what support was available for new businesses – something that Jeremy helped me decipher.”

Stephen Hanson

“I first met Jeremy in 2018 when he was assigned as my support tutor during my studies at Brighton School of Business and Management. Back then, I was working towards my HND qualification in Business Management, and Jeremy was there to lend a helping hand whenever I needed it.

Jeremy was an unwavering pillar of support in various capacities. Academically, he didn’t just spoon-feed me answers; he provided invaluable advice and direction. He encouraged me to think independently and critically and helped me hone soft skills that drastically improved my ability to communicate ideas and make well-informed decisions. Jeremy’s influence also taught me the importance of making decisions rather than avoiding them, even when the choice was challenging.

Beyond my studies, Jeremy went the extra mile, extending his guidance into my professional life during a challenging transition period. He helped me navigate crucial decisions by offering insights into the factors I needed to consider.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jeremy as a coach. His support was not limited to academics; it extended into my personal and professional development. Jeremy’s dedication, time, and the wealth of experiences he shared have been instrumental in my journey. He constantly pushed me to aim higher, never settling for mediocrity. Because of this, the impact on my career has been profound. Without his guidance, I doubt I would have completed my HND, pursued my BA degree, or developed the confidence to leave a comfortable job and embrace a more fulfilling career.”

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