Case Study: Sheldon’s Wine Bar

Sheldon’s Wine Bar is thriving now, and Jeremy continues to be an invaluable mentor while I navigate life as a business owner.
Cosy interior of Sheldon's wine bar, with leather sofa and wooden floor.

Case Study: Sheldon’s Wine Bar

Turning a casual idea into a successful business – Sheldon’s Wine Bar

Our coaching and mentorship spans all aspects of business, from seasoned professionals to those just starting out on their journey. 

In this case study, Jeremy’s extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry really came to the fore as he helped Jennifer Spindley turn an idea into a thriving and classy wine bar.

“I have known Jeremy for over 40 years and have seen first-hand his career journey. He started from the very bottom and worked his way through the ranks to the top of his profession and then into teaching, and more recently coaching and mentoring.

“Jeremy has an incredible depth of knowledge about the hospitality sector, training and development. He is also one of the most determined people I know. His passion for helping others and ensuring they succeed meant he was the first person I turned to when I was considering buying a wine bar at the beginning of 2023.

A table for two outside Sheldon's wine bar during the day
A table for two outside Sheldon’s wine bar during the day

“I half-jokingly mentioned my idea of buying and taking over an old wine bar to Jeremy a couple of years ago. I’ve always dreamt of running a bar and providing an enjoyable place for the local community to come together and socialise. My plans for the wine bar consisted of turning it into a child-friendly coffee shop during the day and a classy bar by night and serving locally sourced food and drinks throughout. Jeremy was so supportive and encouraging. When I first told him my idea, his response was, ‘Why not?– let’s look into this’. 

“Jeremy’s knowledge and expertise came into play straight away as he explained how to go about researching the viability of my idea. He also advised and helped me understand the intricacies of funding and what support was available for new businesses – something that Jeremy helped me decipher. 

Cosy interior of Sheldon's wine bar, with leather sofa and wooden floor.
The cosy interior of Sheldon’s wine bar.

“His constant support, advice, and guidance were invaluable as I navigated through the unknown of starting a business. Jeremy ensured that I kept my feet on the ground with what was a passion project that I could easily have been swept away with. 

“Jeremy’s holistic approach and ability to see the big picture helped me to think about things that I might not otherwise have considered. This prepared me and ensured I started my business with my eyes fully open.

Sheldon’s Wine Bar is thriving now, and Jeremy continues to be an invaluable mentor while I navigate life as a business owner, in what is a notoriously fickle industry. I would recommend Jerry as a coach and mentor because his experience of climbing up the ladder gave me insights I wouldn’t find in books. His coaching isn’t just advice; it’s a way to make your dreams happen. He knows the right paths to take to help you reach your goals.

“You should invest in Jeremy’s guidance and see your ideas take off, too.”


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