Case Study: Palma Personal Training

Jeremy helped me create a business plan and helped me take my personal training fitness business online which has enabled me to reach new audiences and expand my business.
Gilberto Palma - Personal Trainer

Case Study: Palma Personal Training

Transforming Passion into Profitable Fitness – Palma Personal Training

Our coaching and mentorship has helped a wide range of exciting entrepreneurs turn their passions into thriving businesses.

In this case study, Jeremy helped experienced personal trainer Gilberto Palma create a business plan and expand his offering online.

“I first crossed paths with Jeremy in the gym back in 2013; little did I know that our connection would evolve into a transformative coaching relationship a few years later.

“I have worked in health and fitness and been a personal trainer for several years. I enjoy seeing my clients reach their fitness goals. Engaging with them and motivating them face-to-face on a one-to-one basis is all part of the journey. 

A lady lifting weights on on the beach
A Palma Personal Training session on the beach

“But in 2020, gyms had to close, and I couldn’t run personal training classes. I needed to find a solution that would enable me to still provide motivation and support. That’s when Jeremy played a pivotal role in transforming my business. Despite the difficult times, Jeremy helped me take my personal training fitness sessions online. 

“I could suddenly reach and connect with my clients, deliver fitness training, and even reach new people who wanted to take care of themselves. Jeremy’s insights into the online landscape and practical guidance were instrumental in this shift, proving invaluable as I navigated the complexities of the virtual fitness space.

Gilberto enccouraging a client in the gym
A Palma Personal Training session in the gym

“But Jeremy’s support didn’t stop there. Recognising my aspirations to establish a local gym, we got to work on a business plan, ready for when things opened up again. His knack for breaking down intricate details and providing strategic advice ensured that my vision for a new gym had a solid foundation.

“Working with Jeremy has been nothing short of transformative. His business acumen, coupled with his motivational prowess, has not only fueled my professional growth but has been a driving force in turning my passion for fitness into a thriving business. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeremy as a coach – his wealth of business knowledge and unwavering encouragement make him a fantastic guide on the journey to entrepreneurial success.”


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