Case Study: Ray Prempeh-Boakye

Jeremy’s guidance helped Ray develop his leadership skills to achieve success in his management programme.
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Case Study: Ray Prempeh-Boakye

From Management Student to Effective Leader

Our coaching and mentorship spans all aspects of business, from seasoned professionals to those just starting out on their journey. 

In this case study, Jeremy was able to guide Ray Prempeh-Boakye as he developed his leadership skills to achieve success in his management programme.

In 2016, Ray embarked on a Management course, eager to refine his leadership abilities. However, the programme presented new challenges. Understanding complex leadership concepts, juggling assignments, and staying on track could be daunting.

“I first met Jeremy when I started my Management course. Jeremy was my leadership coach and supported me through my leadership development journey course and supported me whenever I needed it. 

“He broke down complex leadership concepts into manageable pieces, ensuring I gained a thorough understanding of the content. Jeremy provided personalised guidance on written assignments, offering valuable insights into effective communication and research techniques.

“Through his holistic approach, Jeremy helped me stay organised and on track, ensuring I met deadlines and successfully completed the course.

“Jeremy’s dedication and organised approach ensured I remained productive and pushed me towards success. I not only learned to be an effective leader but also a better person overall. There’s no doubt Jeremy’s guidance has propelled me forward in my career.”

Ray’s case study demonstrates the transformative power of coaching. Through clear explanations, personalised support, and a holistic approach, EST can empower you to develop as an effective leader and a well-rounded professional.


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