How Business Coaching Can Help Your Business Successfully Navigate Change

Feeling overwhelmed by business change? Learn how business coaching can help you overcome resistance, build resilience, and empower your team to thrive in a new environment.
A business coaching helping a business leader navigate change in her business

How Business Coaching Can Help Your Business Successfully Navigate Change

Change is inevitable in today’s business world. Whether it’s a new marketing trend, a shift in customer behaviour, or even an unexpected dip in sales, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for businesses like yours. 

However, navigating change can be tricky. For many, it can bring feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and stress. This fear of the unknown often presents unique challenges that can derail even the best-laid plans.

Reasons people resist change

I’ve worked with many clients who feel uneasy and nervous about the prospect of making adjustments in their business. Here are some of the common reasons I’ve experienced.

Fear of the unknown

Change disrupts the familiar and introduces uncertainty. This can be stressful, as people may worry about how the transformations will impact their job security, workload, or daily routines. I have worked with business leaders who have always relied on a traditional face-to-face sales approach. Then when they consider shifting to online sales, they’ve explained that many employees, who thrive on building rapport with clients in person, often fear this change. Their employees worry about their ability to connect with customers virtually and are unsure how they will reach their sales targets. This creates resistance to change.

Loss of control

Change can feel like a loss of control over one’s work environment. I’ve worked with managers who have said they feel like they had no say in how change was implemented, which led to frustration and resentment. They were accustomed to having creative freedom over marketing campaigns, but a new CEO wanted to implement a system that would require them to approve all new campaigns. This new process felt like a loss of control and stifled their creativity.

Comfort with the status quo

Humans are creatures of habit. We tend to get comfortable with the way things are done, and change requires us to step outside our comfort zones. This can be mentally and emotionally taxing for some people. I’ve worked with accountants who have used the same software programme for years. I’ve suggested they implement a newer system that offers greater efficiency and automation. But they have been hesitant to learn and see it as an unnecessary burden.

Lack of trust in leadership

If employees don’t trust that their leadership team is making changes for the right reasons, or if they feel like leadership hasn’t communicated these transitions effectively, they’re more likely to resist. This is particularly common with organisational restructures. Employees are often left unclear about how it will impact their specific roles or teams. This lack of transparency can breed distrust and make employees feel like leadership isn’t being upfront about the changes.

Perceived threat to skills or job security

Sometimes, change can be perceived as a threat to an employee’s skillset or even their job security. AI tools are a great current example of this. Some employees may fear that these news tools will replace them or that their current skills will become obsolete. This can lead to anxiety and reluctance to embrace the new way of doing things.

Past negative experiences with change

Previous negative experiences with change, perhaps poorly planned initiatives that resulted in layoffs and increased workload, may mean people are more likely to resist future adjustments for fear of a repeat outcome.

Implementing change with the help of business coaching

Understanding the reasons people resist change is only part of the solution. If you don’t have much experience with implementing change, then a business coach can be your strategic partner. From the planning stages to helping you achieve employee buy-in, a coach can provide you with key ingredients for a successful transformation. These include but are not limited to:

Building resilience through self-awareness

A good coach will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. With this self-awareness, you can make informed decisions and approach challenges with confidence. Together, you and your coach can also develop a clear and inspiring vision for the future, a vision that will motivate not only you but your entire team.

Building adaptability with a strategic plan

Change doesn’t have to be chaotic. A business coach can help you develop a strategic framework to implement and manage change effectively. This often involves creating a timeline, identifying key milestones, and assigning ownership of different tasks. Coaching sessions can also be a space to brainstorm different scenarios and develop contingency plans, ensuring you’re prepared for any unexpected bumps in the road.

Building employee engagement through communication and development

Employees are more likely to embrace change when they understand the “why” behind it. A coach can help you develop effective communication plans to keep employees informed and engaged throughout the change process. Additionally, coaching can assist in identifying and addressing skill gaps through training and development programs. This not only ensures a smoother transition but also empowers your employees to feel confident and valued in the new normal and goes a long way to helping you overcome resistance.

By encouraging open communication with your employees, providing support and training, and involving employees in the change process whenever possible, you will increase the likelihood of a successful and smooth transition.

Don’t change alone

Leading your business through change can feel overwhelming. But you don’t have to go it alone. Business coaching can be the support system you need to navigate challenges, empower your team, and emerge stronger than ever before.

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